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This is part 3 of the production-ready Serverless series.

In the last blog, I talked about the hows and whys of Infrastructure as Code. In this blog post, we will discuss how to automate the creation of a DynamoDB table for the ToDo application which we are creating.

Quick Recap on Architecture

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In the last blog post, I talked about building an application using a serverless stack. I have deliberately kept it to a simple to-do application as the blog series aims to discuss Productionizing the serverless application.

I have shown a hello World Architecture in the last chapter, which looks like…

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Serverless platforms allow you to experiment with ideas faster. Faster development of features has attracted many audiences to use Serverless for development, but it lacks a guide for doing that when it comes to productizing.

In this blog series, I will show how to build a production-grade Serverless application that…

One of the most basic and starting points for anyone using AWS is configuring the local environment, and it starts with configuring AWS CLI to the instance of AWS.

Let's first get started by creating an AWS (Amazon Web Services) account. …

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DynamoDB is a NoSQL database hosted on the cloud and managed by AWS. At its core, DynamoDB is built around the concepts of the document/key-value store.

It almost needs zero setup and it can be scaled linearly and provides a single millisecond response for any large amount of data. …

Open search is a drop-in replacement for elastic search. Open-sourced by AWS and recently got an RC.

Getting Started

To start, let’s use the official Docker compose file. If you are new to Docker, then go to the folder where you have downloaded the file and start the services using

docker-compose up

Tokenization plays an essential role in NLP as it helps convert the text to numbers which deep learning models can use for processing.

No deep learning models can work directly with the text. You need to convert it into numbers or the format which the model can understand.

Bert is…

Hugging Face is an NLP library based on deep learning models called Transformers. We will be using the library to do the sentiment analysis with just a few lines of code.

In this blog post, we will use the pre-trained model or the shelf model.

You can install the library…

We have looked at how to prepare the data for the sentiment analysis in the previous blog post. As a continuation, we will look into how to create a Sentiment analysis with a basic dictionary.

Yes, You read it right. In fact 5 years back this method has been used…

Sentiment analysis plays a significant role in marketing. In this project, I try to solve the automation of analyzing millions of reviews in the market. I am picking fictional video game review data from the manning live project to show how it’s done.

This project’s primary goal is to understand…


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