Deep Learning Workstation With JarvisLabs

Be the beginner or Practitioner of deep learning. Setting up the workstation is a daunting choice. More than daunting, it can put you out of interest in starting your learning path.

One more significant issue with the workstation is costly, and it’s challenging to choose one type of GPU or library.

Jarvis Labs has come up with a Simple and Affordable solution to democratize AI. They offer you a GPU-enabled machine with all the libraries preconfigured.

Well, what drove me to the platform is just a single click away from a powerful machine. So start with the click on

Just click on the spin your first instance now.

Jarvis comes with three types of GPU. RTX5000 ,RTX6000 and AT100 . To Starters, I highly recommend starting with the basic RTX5000 and train your model. It's less than a half of dollar for an hour.

It also provides the framework you want the machine to configure on. Well, I found this just another cherry on top, and it literally eases your work.

Another best feature is the ability to change the GPU after you configured the machine.
This feature comes in really helps when you trained the model on a small dataset and few epochs. This feature allows you to switch the same machine to a better configuration.

Just select the settings icon and you are good to go.

You can SSH into the System and use the Remote Connection plugin of the Visual studio code.

They have an incredible support group. Believe it or not, I got a reply every time I pinged in a min. Well, I say this as maybe I am an early adapter, but we have to look once this platform becomes popular.

Previously I have written about how to set up the system on AWS and to make the fact straight, It’s hard and some small misconfiguration can lead to error in libraries to work

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