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  • PythosLabs


    Making AI available to everyone. One commit at a time. A.I. M.L| | Quantitative programming | IoT | Python | Arduino | Comp Vision | contact@pythoslabs.com

  • Moein Shariatnia

    Moein Shariatnia

    Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Web Development enthusiastic! Studying Medicine

  • Prakhar Mishra

    Prakhar Mishra

    Currently a Research Scholar at IIIT Bangalore. I make videos on ML/DL/NLP topics @ https://bit.ly/33AWrIb

  • Ketan Doshi

    Ketan Doshi

    Machine Learning and Big Data

  • Ayush Chaurasia

    Ayush Chaurasia


  • Satyam Kumar

    Satyam Kumar

    Writes About Data Science | Top Writer in AI | Data Scientist | Programmer | Connect: https://www.linkedin.com/in/satkr7/

  • Radek Osmulski

    Radek Osmulski

    I ❤️ ML / DL ideas — I tweet about them / write about them / implement them. Self-taught RoR developer by trade.

  • Victor Sanh

    Victor Sanh

    Dog sitter by day, Scientist at @huggingface 🤗 by night | Into Natural Language Processing, started with Computer Vision

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