2 min readApr 3, 2022
Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

I came across Typesense when I was going through the new Technology radar of Thoughtworks. If you have not read it, then you should.

Here is the link for the Typesense Blip

Here is the quality that impressed me.

  1. It's the modern replacement for Elastic Search.
  2. Faster than elastic in most the cases
  3. Built using the Inmemory data structure just like Redis and uses more Cutting Edge algorithms
  4. Uses the latest advances in hardware capabilities to make Search faster.
  5. Clustering and GeoReplication using Built-in Raft, so it's just a click to scale
  6. It has a cloud environment, which is cheaper.

Getting Started

You can run the Typesense using docker.

That's it, and you have non-clustered Typesense running.


Typesense APIs are straightforward to use. You can read about the API and the client Libraries here.

Client Libraries

Typesense has client libraries in the most popular languages, but I feel the API design of the libraries needs a lot of help.

As a dotnet developer and worked on Redis OM libraries, I may be biased here, But it has a friendly interface for Search. That said, Typesense already has a dotnet client. I want to see If we can create a similar experience of Redis OM library here to Typesense.

Also, We need client libraries with Linq support to make it awesome!!


Typesense comes with the best examples, and it shows and proves most of the features.

These reference implementations are available online, and they can prove their power of faster and better search experience.